How is the Spartan Vanguard ran and operated?

The Vanguard's Administrative structure has remained largely unchanged over the evolution of the Vanguard. Having proven successful, stable and reliable. The initial concept was a simplistic Chain of Command structure that still remains at the heart of the Vanguard, even today! Within reason and logic the system has come to symbolize the fundamental foundation upon which the Vanguard has stood its test of time.

Every Vanguard Officer is welcome and indeed encouraged to participate in the actual decision making process. However, the system is not a Democracy, and for very good reason. This organization is a serious combat minded organization. The Vanguard, having withstood the test of time, following the life cycle of the Mythical Phoenix, has been witness to the founding of numerious clans and organizations, watching them through their lifespans, primes and decline, and has been witness to the passing into oblivion of even more clans and organizations, not to be heard from again.

Democracy, infact has seen the end of many of the great organizations we've encountered in our times, shattering the brotherhoods upon which those oraganizations were built upon. Therefore, it was deemed long ago by the Vanguard Leadership, that Democracy, while rewarding, is volatile and difficult to properly administrate and control. Thus leading to the downfall of the many organizations that tempted fate by experimenting with it. It is not suited in our mind for online gaming.

So as the perspective member, one must ask, "Then how is every Vanguard Officer welcome and encouraged to participate in the actual decision making process?" Simple! The Vanguard, being founded upon brotherhood and loyalty, values the perspectives of all its membership. There is a quote that properly applies to the essence of this philosophy.

"When we are debating an issue, loyalty means giving me your honest opinion, whether you think I'll like it or not. Disagreement, at this state, stimulates me. But once a decision is made, the debate ends. From that point on, loyalty means executing the decision as if it were your own."

AdmLance-11thFleet-'s Captain in the Gulf, UK Navy.

The Administrative Bodies of the Vanguard maintain "Open Door" policies. We are always available on Instant Messengers, In-game, as well as Vanguard Forums to address any and all concerns, proposals and ideas that our membership may have. If it is deemed a minor concern with minor ramifications on an organizational level, the Administrator approached with the concern, addresses it single handedly. However, if the ramifications of the concern, proposal or idea are wideranging. The concern, proposal or idea, is refered to a joint decision made by a council, known currently as the Admiralty, for a joint review, investigation and decision to be made.

In this process, the Admiralty focuses its efforts to reviewing and investigatting the ramifications of the concern or proposal, while discussing and debatting their views on it, before finaly reaching either a compromise or decision on the matter. The opinions and views on the subjects are valued and sought by members of the Admiralty to make a well informed and comphrehensive decision on the affair. It is our wish to administrate and guide the Vanguard with an open mind and wisdom. To do this, we like to have all the perspectives and knowledge available on a subject, before comming to a rulling.

All the membership, as previously stated are encouraged to participate in the process. However, not everyone is equal in their decision making factors. Seniority and Rank are major contributting factors to the decision making powers of each individual within the Vanguard. While everyone is not suited to be a leader, their loyalty and dedication to the Vanguard over time, does count for something. Senior members are regularly involved in the decision making process, offering their views and the course of action they'd like to see taken to approach a situation.

Rank plays a critical role in the rise of our Vanguard Leadership. Each officers, when recruited is expected to be active and endeavoring to better themselves in their perspective gaming theater. However, in each rank system, there are checkpoints that each officer arrives at before being promoted to the next level. To surpass lower rank levels, the officer must carry a positive character, strong respect for the Vanguard, while boosting respectable skill in-game. Further levels, require displayed loyalty and dedication and growing amounts of skill. But no organization is built upon just dedication and skill. At higher tier ranks, the officer must display keen interest in embodying the heart of the Vanguard. They must display administrative skills, the ability to inspire junior officers, as well as make sound, responsible decisions.

If at any checkpoint, an officer fails to meet the requirements, he will not be progressed, and is given time to season. Indeed some officers might never surpass a certain rank checkpoint, arriving at their rank ceiling. The rusults have thus contributted to the resounding success of the Vanguard! The leadership is the embodiment of the Vanguard's fighting and striving spirit. Only the finest, most skilled players, whom have the proper attitude and approach to the Vanguard, while possessing the skills of inspiration, administration and leadership, progress to lead the Vanguard after earning the right to do so.

This has many positive affects! While encouraging junior officers to strive to achieve, it lends strong stability to the foundations of the Vanguard, and ensures the leadership is like-minded and steadfastly determined to see the continued survival and prosperity of the Vanguard!

More information to come shortly.