Vanguard Historical Summary

The Eleventh was originally established December 13, 1996, or rather it's outline, which was established in the forums of the East Wing of the Chathouse at Much of the Fleet's backstory and traditions were established in those post-style forums. Overtime, the Spartan Vanguard found its focus shifting from role playing within the The Next Generation universe, to the realtime strategy game, Star Trek : Armada.

The Fleet met its first great successes in Armada and encountered the only organization who would rival the Fleet for the next several years, Iron Fist or commonly known as [IF]. Though over time, the Fleet's participation thinned within the original game, it did, however, find a strong acceptance and officerbase on Overtime, the Fleet found its activity diminished and ranks thinning.

With the release of Star Trek : Armada II, the original Admiralty recommissioned the Fleet on Gamespy, and immediately commissioned numerous officers of great potential. With many long hours of tactical and strategic training, aswell as tactical analysis of all known vessels and races, the Fleet's officer base soon became recognized for supperior skill and agression. Many of these first recruits would come to be known in the Armada II community as Riker, Sisko, Data and Armor.

With the releases of Star Trek : Bridge Commander and Star Trek : Elite Force II, several in the Armada II division also invested in the simulator and first person shooter, where they immediately began honing their skills to the specifics of each game. Though the Fleet never found strong acceptance in the relatively small communities, it can be said that several highly skill players were trainned in those sectors of gameplay.

The Fleet has also seen a cycle of surges in activity, focused primarily in Armada II and now Starfleet Command III. Much of which revolves around the actual communites. Currently the Fleet is leading a charge to reform its public image and is becomming widely agreed upon to be the most dignified and honorable organization in Armada II, boosting numerous highly skilled players.

This July, one year previously, the Spartan Vanguard also set forth on an expansionistic venture into Star Wars Galaxies : An Empire Divided. The first Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game entered into by the Vanguard. The Spartan Vanguard met great success and renown on the Intrepid Server of Galaxies. However, environmental and communial malignancies soon brought the Vanguard to faulter. The insuing tensions between members of the Administration was a long sad chapter in the brotherhood of the Vanguard. But has begun to be resolved successfully, and both parties are looking forward to a bright future together once again, as brothers and Spartans!